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SVG Gradient Generator

A quick way to make a scalable background gradient (for page backgrounds, links, and buttons, styled with CSS).

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When building a “responsive” web site, it’s useful to keep everything on the page scalable by using vector images as much as possible. Buttons are one of the elements that often create a challenge, with all of their glossy roundness and gradients galore.

The purpose of this project to make the process of creating plain HTML buttons (styled with CSS) really easy by giving you the gradient as an SVG image that will work in all modern browsers (while still looking decent in the older ones, since a solid fall-back color is provided).

For example:

SVG gradients are useful for lots of other things too, like backgrounds within a module or even the whole page. That’s the beauty of a vector image; it’s once-size-fits-all.

If you just want to use the tool, it’s hosted here:

Data URI

To save an HTTP request (which is good for keeping the page-load time short) and to spare you the trouble of hosting an image file, the generator also encodes the SVG image as a Data URI. (This should also work in all of the browsers that support SVG.)