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      <dt>Areas of Expertise</dt>
      <dd>workshops and facilitation</dd>
      <dd>impact assessment</dd>
      <dd>audience and cultural insights</dd>
      <dd>employee trainings </dd>
      <dd>impact advising and coaching</dd>
      <dd>partnership strategy</dd>
      <dd>CSR counseling</dd>

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        <h3>Figures of Progress</h3>
          <dd>Insights + Strategy</dd>
          <dd>Programs + Campaigns</dd>


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Explore our work

We started with the belief that organizations can be forces for good—part of the solutions to big issues in our world. Here’s some of what we’ve achieved in the last 10 years.

Areas of Expertise
workshops and facilitation
impact assessment
audience and cultural insights
employee trainings
impact advising and coaching
partnership strategy
CSR counseling