Project Literacy

In 2015, GOOD teamed up with Pearson to raise awareness about the barriers to literacy and champion the organizations around the world that are actively, on the ground, alleviating these challenges and bringing the power of words to millions of people.


  • Pearson


  • storytelling + branding

Team members

  • Gabriel Reilich
  • Max Schorr
  • Paige Sferrazza
  • Sacha Simmons

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What GOOD did

GOOD and Pearson are engaging a global audience in the issues of literacy. We are combining our collective reach and network to not only elevate the visibility of these issues, but to also convert inspiration to action by asking folks to contribute time, resources, or personal stories to this effort. We have developed a network of 120 literacy based organizations and work with them to find new volunteers, celebrate their milestones, and increase awareness of their efforts.

What GOOD did: In our capacity as editorial partner, digital agency, publisher, and community organizer, GOOD helped Pearson launch Project Literacy, a global initiative aimed to broaden the awareness of illiteracy and positively impact the literacy rate. GOOD has created editorial content, coordinated over 150 program partners from around the world, and led efforts to drive volunteerism and resources for these partners

Client Testimonial: -- “Pearson and GOOD have teamed up on Project Literacy to build and mobilize a movement to address the 800 million people around the world who lack basic reading and writing skills. I can’t think of a better partner for this task than GOOD.”–Kate James, Pearson, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer