GOOD is a global media company and social impact agency that creates programs, stories, experiences and tools to push the world forward. We’re native to the social impact space and make good awesome by elevating creative solutions to real problems. But the best part is: we offer a way to be part of something bigger.

Through award-winning media and creative partnerships, we connect deeply and authentically with this generation’s desire for purpose. GOOD helps organizations apply creativity to purpose — producing breakthrough programs and innovative content that resonate with an active, influential audience.

Today, GOOD’s multi-platform media reaches more people than ever across digital, print and custom content. We get cultural relevance and engagement, and we’re connected to changemakers around the globe. In 2015, we broke our personal record with a rhythm of 10 million unique visitors every month. That’s in addition to over 2.5 million social media followers and over 100 million video views.

GOOD engages a broad, millennial audience that wants to make a difference. They’re creators, makers, and early adopters who are well-networked and leverage their influence online.

You can read more about GOOD’s audience from our media kit.

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GOOD is tapping into making the world a better place and being meaningfully successful in the marketplace—and why not do both at the same time?